Music Videos


Music Videos


Music videos are the lifesblood of my business.  $1,000 is the starting, flat rate of every music video project regardless of scale.  As long as the following guidelines are met, the price won't go any higher:

1.  Shooting is within 1 hour of my primary location

2. Resources needed for the project don’t exceed my own. Meaning additional props, location bookings, travel costs, etc are extra costs that will be the responsibility of the client.

3. Shoot times are kept between 4-8 hours

Paying 25% of the total cost of the project will lock in your shoot date. This deposit is nonrefundable.

There will be a contract for every project that outlines our responsibilities. Invoices will be given as well to ensure that transparency is given.

There is a 10 business day turnaround guarantee for videos or you get the 75% remaining balance back plus the video. This applies only when you've paid the entire balance and the song is completely mixed, mastered and ready to go.

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After agreeing to a price, the client MUST pay a 50% deposit to lock in their date.  I will not keep dates open for clients that don't pay the deposit.  

Alongside the music video, the client will receive promotional materials as well.  I want to make sure the music video we create together gets as much engagement as possible.  This is where marketing principles get put into play and I'm definitely open to consult in those matters as the need arises.