Hello, my name is SEIJI


Ever since I was 5 years old drawing Quailman from Doug I've had a fascination with art.  It's evolved so much over the years from comic/anime illustrations to music and now more recently to film and photography. My primary experience is with artists and musicians.  Since 2009 I've done multiple projects of various sizes trying to bring their music to life visually.  I feel that the end result should be nothing less than top tier quality that should benefit the artist to the highest degree.  I'm constantly looking into new ways to be creative and innovative with my approach to visuals.  I never settle for "what works" and always push to be unconventional and change things.  I feel this makes me adaptable and teachable when it comes to both the creative and business aspects of what I do.  I always strive to make a quality product.






"SEIJI was absolutely amazing to work with. We are a small town start up band, but you would never know that based on the promo video he produced for us. We came in with no real idea what we wanted, other than just something to help promote the band and our EP release. SEIJI came to some of our shows and captured some footage, shot some interview footage, and some candid clips, and made something truly beautiful. He has an eye for this sort of thing, and a passion not only for his work, but for his clients. He truly helped us to see ourselves in a different light and helped us to see what a small town band could become. Definitely looking forward to working with him soon to help continue building on the brand he has helped us to establish."

-Myk Robinson (Guitarist)

"Working with Seiji is always one of the funnest, and most rewarding experiences. He always pushes me to get the best performance and to get out of my comfort zone. Every video I've ever done with him always comes back in a very quick and timely manner, and he kills it every single time. I will continue to go to him for every photo/video need I have. This dude is definitely one of the best."

-Columbus Conley (guitarst)


"Working with Seiji was a breeze! When I first saw his work I was blown away and knew that if I wanted to take my band's visuals to the next level, Seiji was the person that could do it! He was punctual, well spoken, down to earth and very professional. I will definitely be working with him again! The quality of his work is phenomenal and worth every penny!"

-Adam Billings (Guitarist)


"My wife and I hired Seiji for our wedding day. His work was beyond what we expected! He gave us his whole afternoon and was very affordable. Not to mention took the video AND pictures by his self! Very talented guy. We would definitely hire him again!"

-Gaylon and Christy Douglas


"If you are looking for pro work, great pricing, and a relax atmosphere you will have an awesome time with Seiji!!! If you get him involved in your project you will be treated like family, have fun, and have professional work at the end!!"
-Rodrigo Sebastian (Guitarist)

I've worked with SEIJI on a couple of videos and I gotta be honest, it was one of the greatest experiences I've ever had making one. Dude was hella professional and wasn't a stiff about it either. You can tell that the homie really loves what he does. I'm just happy that I found someone who's equally passionate about what he does as I am because that means he can bring my visions to life with his own flair. I definitely recommend any musician or any creative person who needs their ideas translated into visual format working with this guy."

-Calvin Rose ll (Hip Hop Artist)



Between the quality and turn around, you will never find a better deal for film or photos. He is through-and-through only concerned about getting the best quality. Not only is he a true photo/videographer when in the process of shooting, constantly looking for the best atmosphere for each take/photo, but also in the aftermath of editing things in post and color-grading. Seiji will have you looking like you're in the big leagues no matter what project you hire him for and he will deliver it back to you in great timing."

-Joseph Maliszewski (Guitarist)